1. Purchase cards at glo-bingo.com by clicking on the event tab.

2. Choose your event and add the ticket to your cart. Proceed with payment.

3. Once you have purchased the ticket you will receive an email verification.

4. The GLOW card will be sent in a separate email from denny@tribout.com.

5. Print the card on your printer at home. The same card is used for all games.

6. Create a user account before the start of BINGLOW:

– Register online at bingonomics.com

– Click blue Register button

– Create username and enter email

– You should receive an email verifying your account – the card will be emailed separately

– Create password thru the email link, and you are ready for BINGLOW


1. Use CHROME as your browser

2. Login to bingonomics.com before the start of the session. BINGLOW will start at 7 p.m. We highly recommend logging in by 6:45 or even earlier. This will prevent missing any games if you are having issues.

3. Choose GLOW AT HOME session.

4. Enter the 8-digit access code provided with email from denny@tribout.com

5. The number of games of BINGLOW being played will be announced. It may differ depending on the organization sponsoring the event.

6. The payout of each game will be announced during the session.

7. Dab or chip your card at home and if you have a winner click CLAIM button right away. You will be instructed to enter your card number to verify the winner.

8. Winners will be mailed a check to the address provided when you purchased the ticket.